Jesus ascends to heaven

 23 May 2020 |

Through this weekend, churches reflect over the story in Luke when Jesus ascends to heaven. As an image today, it can be confusing as we have for some decades soared into space. In earlier days, the image of a pair of feet disappearing into the clouds was the way they expressed this story; we on the other hand, find this comical and unreal. Perhaps we are more comfortable with images of thresholds and locked doors, as illustrating the gap between the hope and vision Jesus set before us, and our own lives as we live them. During a time when isolation is the experience of many, the way of Jesus tells another story bringing us together even as we are apart.

“As you have sent me into the world, so I have sent them into the world” John 17:18


you spoke to those 

we find difficult to approach;

you opened doors to new possibilities for them.


you opened the door, 

between earth and heaven,

and invited us in

to a fresh relationship with God,

a new understanding of who God is.

Jesus, you crossed the threshold 

between heaven and earth.

Breaking down the slammed door,

ignoring the no entry sign,

you smashed the way through

for everyone to come to God.

And so invite us again

to go through your door of new possibilities

whatever our state of mind or health or spirit.

And encourage us to show others the way 

through the open door of your love.

Copyright © 2013 Martin Hazell