Shaw’s Corner Literary Society

 13 June 2020 |

Writing to you at such a time as this, I would like to start by wishing you good health.  The past three months have been a worrying time for all of us.  I sincerely hope that you have stayed safe and that your life has not been made too difficult by the restrictions that we have all had to face.

Your committee have been in touch with each other to discuss the coming season of the Society due to start in October and continue to March 2021.

For all of us this has been a very tough time indeed.  We have found our=selves in the biggest crisis  this Country has faced since the second world war.

Your Committee have decided that the Society will not be meeting in the months of October, November and December.  In September the Committee will talk again as to the future of the season for January, February and March 2021 and our decision will be conveyed to you along with the programme should we proceed to meet, subject to it being safe for you and the conditions of the venue. 

We hope you will stay safe and healthy in the weeks and months ahead.

Best wishes

Kenneth Bridger