Greetings from Guildford

 30 June 2020 |

Hello Folks

Greetings from Guildford from gerry and me who are both surviving well despite the upheavals of these strange last months I’ve done a talk for Milford Baptist Church which has been placed on YouTube as their way of circulating Talks for their people church during Lockdown I thought you might be interested to watch/listen as quite a bit is auto-biographical and describes (I think)-  what make me tick It’s around 15 minutes plus..  It was produced for Father’s Day but the message is applicable whenever I feel if you need something for a standby/emergency.

I’d be happy to know if you tuned in and if you can cope…watched  right to the end.. and eventually use it at your church whenever it may be useful Let me know how you what you think of it and if you should use it.

Whenever we get to public services again ,I’ll be very happy to offer you some Sundays

God bless you all lots

Derek (Wensley)