Pray for Beirut

 8 August 2020 |

If you’ve seen the footage of the Beirut explosion last week, you may have thought it was another act of terrorism; but as it quickly became clear it was a self-inflicted wound on the face of a once great city. Whoever thought it a good idea to store highly flammable explosives next to fireworks was asking for trouble. But as usual those responsible for the emergency were not close by; rather, the people most affected were the innocent people living and working around the port. The explosion was catastrophic and did an unbelievable amount of damage. In the days following, anger grew at those responsible for leaving the explosives at the port for six years. Nizar Saghiyeh of Legal Agenda, an NGO based in Beirut, told the BBC, “the responsibility for the ammonium nitrate’s storage in the port lies with the ministry, customs, and port management.” (BBC Website 08/08/2020)

The extent and magnitude of the destruction is mind-blowing and immediately a call went out to the international community for donations. The wounded and those made homeless measure in the thousands. The community hospital was severely damaged and unable to cope with the numbers needing their skill. 

There are many organisations needing donations. 

The Lebanese Red Cross Donate here:

Lebanese food bank Donate here: ; 

Impact Lebanon Donate here: ; 

Beit el Baraka Donate here: ; 

Amel Association Donate here:

For a Visual guide: “how explosion caused mass casualties and devastation across Beirut” on:

Please give as best as you can. Please pray for Beirut.