Laughter Lines

 6 December 2020 |

With apologies and thanks to our friends at Moat URC for being able to lift these jokes from their magazine

Politician to aide: “About their charge that I’m indecisive – do you think I should answer it, or let it go, or answer it in part, or what?”
Old politicians never die. They just run once too often. 
Admirer to political candidate:  Great speech sir! I really like the straightforward way you dodged the issues. 
Who is where?
A man was very sick. Doctors feared the worst. As he lay at home, he suddenly looked up and said weakly:  “Is my wife here?”
His wife replied, “Yes, dear, I’m here, next to you.” 
The man whispered: “Are my children here?”
“Yes, Daddy, we are all here,” said the children.
“Are my brother and sister also here?”
And they say, “Yes, we are all here…”
The man sat up and cried, “Then why in the world is the light on in the kitchen?”

John Sinclair