A very happy Mother’s Day

 13 March 2021 |

Traditionally known as Mothering Sunday, this weekend we celebrate mothers everywhere!

For many children, their mothers are the best. From their first breath, babies cling to their mother and the bond is strong. Our mothers hold us tight, making sure we are protected, fed and kept clean. The warmth of their body makes sure babies feel safe and secure. Most mothers will do anything to protect their children and help them grow and be confident to face the world. At first, food is the essential bond, while comfort and love helps the child to blossom and grow. Psychologists will tell you the early months are the most profound as a child learns to live outside the womb but close to their mother, so that later, they can seek independence in the sure knowledge their mother will continue to love them.

So we pray for mothers everywhere.

Of course, sometimes there is a break in the bond and both mother and child suffer. So, we pray for those where there is separation and hurt between mother and child. We also remember the pain where the child dies in early life or doesn’t survive birth. The pain is unimaginable. We remember that not all children are born healthy, or able bodied, or withoutdisease; we think of those mothers carrying the burden especially through early life. We pray too for mothers who do not care for their children and where pain damages the relationship.

Christians believe the Church should be like a mother:supportive and loving to all people, ready to encourage independence and growth but always there when needed. Its an image Christians often promote but find hard to live. The Church is the people and as with all humanity, people are broken and often wrongheaded. But we are blessed with Grace: the knowledge that whoever we are and no matter what wrongs we have done, there is hope and grace to put us right with God and each other. The image of true motherhood.

So, happy Mother’s Day – to you and to all you love.