The renewing and transforming love of God

 20 March 2021 |

We welcome Spring today. Most of us have already celebrated the new coming of snowdrops, crocus’s and daffodils in the gardens, by the sides of roads and in many pots on windowsills and in displays. There is nothing like the sudden brightness of colour; even the flowers seem to be saying ‘hello’. For many, this arrival of Spring is  a reminder too of the blessings we receive from the creator God; there in the heart of nature, a telling reminder of the earth’s bounteous gift to us all. At last, the hours of daylight begin to exceed the hours of night, the evenings drawing out and the fresh feeling of energy returning.

But also, in the coming days, we recognise the first anniversary of lockdown and a reminder too of how much we depend on the world, and the people in it, for our happiness and contentment. This time last year, as we entered lockdown for the first time, we were anxious, but with the coming of Spring, hopeful whatever was coming would not last long. The year has been harder than anyone imagined and as we stand on the threshold of a second year of living with Covid, we reflect on how much we have lost, and how many loved ones have died. We remember them.

We turn to God in praise, ever mindful of the spirit of resurrection in this season, the reminder that whatever befalls us, the spirit of love abides. We see it in the fresh flowers, in the increasing light, in the resilience of ordinary people, andin the love we give to one another. We open ourselves up to the renewing and transforming love of God in each and every person around us.