Notes From The Treasurer

 1 April 2021 |

Hearing Aid Batteries

Just a reminder that the church is a distribution point for free hearing aid batteries. If you need replacements give me a call and I will deliver them to you in a Covid secure manners

Church Finances

Our financial year ends on 5 April 2021 and I hope we will be able to get the accounts to you as soon as possible

Leprosy Mission-Unconditional Appeal

Elsewhere in this issue you will find an extract from a communication we have received from the Leprosy Mission that focuses on projects to build community hubs of hope in Mozambique with the intention of supporting efforts to identify, treat and eliminate the scourge of Leprosy in this part of Africa. As part of the project the UK government will match funds raised for the appeal up to 24 April 2021.

On Sunday 18 April we will be joining with Reigate Park and Moat churches in a service that will focus on what is being done and what we can do to support the appeal. More details will be issued as soon as possible both about the service and how we can contribute to the appeal.

John Sinclair