The Leprosy Mission

 1 April 2021 |

The Unconditional Appeal

Will you help to fund a community hub, a Hub of Hope, in Mozambique? Your gift will be doubled by the UK government until 24 April 2021

‘You’re no longer strangers or outsiders. You belong here…God is building a home. He’s using us all, irrespective of how we got here, in what He is building.’ Ephesians 2:19, The Message

Imagine being in urgent need of medical care but the closest hospital is hours away. For more than half of all people in Mozambique, this is reality. Health services are extremely limited, especially in rural areas, and poverty is rife. More than 18 million people —twice the population of London — live on less than £1.50 a day. And thousands are living with the devastating effects of leprosy, a disease of poverty that makes poverty far worse.

Leprosy damages nerves and robs people of feeling in their hands and feet. When injuries go unnoticed and untreated, ulcers develop and can easily lead to amputation and disability. But the effects of this disease aren’t only physical. People affected by leprosy become outsiders in their communities, often losing work and education opportunities because of discrimination. Leprosy is easily curable with a simple course of antibiotics, but people with this disease are rejected.

In Mozambique, people affected by leprosy have faced unimaginable trauma. Deadly cyclones have killed hundreds, and natural disasters have left people unable to grow crops for income or to feed themselves. At this very moment, the people of Mozambique are going through the ‘hungry times’ while they wait to harvest their crops.

Yet there is hope. God is building a home, His kingdom, and wants to use you to change the lives of those who are so often the outsiders, people affected by leprosy.

You can transform an entire community affected by leprosy by helping to fund a community hub, a Hub of Hope. This will be a community centre in the village, a central meeting place where everyone is welcome and will benefit from health services and training.

Activities at the hub will help communities to take the lead in ending leprosy and poverty, both now and for generations to come. These will include medical services, counselling, health education, job skills and business training, agricultural training and much more.

A Hub of Hope will be a place where people affected by leprosy heal and thrive. A place where more of God’s kingdom comes to earth.

Thanks to the UK government, your gift for a Hub of Hope will be doubled to have twice the impact. Will you partner with communities in Mozambique to show God’s unconditional love to people like Zaina?