“To life”

 24 April 2021 |

BBC1’s The One Show asked viewers what were the films they enjoyed most during lockdown and the favourite was the wonderfully exuberant The Greatest Showman. It is a heady mix of old fashioned musical delight with songs and dancing, and a spectacle for all the family. The story has a message that resonates with today’s world of acceptance and courage. The overriding feel is a celebration of life itself! It is a big toast “to Life”.

While in lockdown, we have all been feeling frustrated and low, struggling with one another, often in a confined space, or alone with no one popping in and certainly no cuddles and hugs. And at last even as we begin the long process of getting back out there we are still having to deal with restrictions. We are not used to that. Christians believe that Jesus was about helping people see and experience life in all its fullness – through reaching out to the lost and those in need of love, caring for one another and celebrating all that is good in life.

That challenge – and it is a big challenge for most of the world – means, for those who have much giving up things so that we all may share in the riches given to us in this vibrant and amazing celebration we call life.