Sentamu on The Duke of Edinburgh

 1 May 2021 |

I’m sure many people saw the interview before the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh when Huw Edwards spoke to John Sentamu, the former Archbishop of York. I was very impressed by what he said and thought it worth reporting:

‘Whatever we ae going through actually Prince Philip had this deep faith which allowed him to question and faith which cannot be questioned is not worth living. Because he questioned his faith grew deeper and deeper and deeper in Christ which allowed him to be free to welcome people of any religion or no religion because he was very safe in his own faith.

I want to say to people today the prayer of John Newman which Prince Philip loved:

Support us oh Lord all the day long of this troublous life until the shadows lengthen the evening comes and the busy world is hushed and our work is done .Then Lord in thy mercy grant us safe lodging and peace at the end.

He commended this approach to us all with our focus on the God in whom Prince Philip and we can place out trust

Jill Pipe