Pentecost – the birth of the church

 22 May 2021 |

This weekend Christians celebrate the birth of the church. Just after Jesus had died, the disciples would meet together to share their grief and prepare for the future. They believed Jesus was among them in a new way and that God’s Spirit would guide and support their efforts in taking the Good News of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world. 

The disciples changed over the weeks following Easter – their fears, mistakes and lack of imagination had held them back but at Pentecost, they felt renewed and enthused; they changed from disciples, learning from Jesus, to apostles, people sent out into the world, still learning but with a task to make a difference in the world. The Church, which came from this moment, held and supported its early members but also challenged them to get out from behind their walls and serve the community, often at great cost to themselves. Christians believe the church is not about its members but about changing the world; speaking in the world’s ways to create a new community. 

Today, the Church is learning again how to be a body of Christ’s people, healing and reconciling people, in a broken and stressful world, challenged to change the world so that everyone can have life in all its fullness!