A heart warming event

 1 June 2021 |

Lockdown has caused many people to be very isolated from their family members. One particular patient of mine, a lady of 81 who is in poor general health, has been communicating with me via her daughter’s emails. It is clear this lady has a close and loving family. Recently now doubly vaccinated she agreed to come to the hospital and was brought by hospital transport. Her daughter told me that her brother, the patient’s son, would come too. I hadn’t realised that though there had been frequent visits the meetings had all been conducted through the window, leaving the shopping on the step. On this occasion in hospital outpatients her son was able to come in and take her hand. The look of joy on both their faces was marvellous. His touch probably did more for her than any medicine I could have given her.

She told me she had met her husband in Geneva when she went there to work. Within 48 hours they knew they wanted to marry and now nearly 60 years later they have no regrets. He is her carer and clearly her great support.

All sorts of terrible things happen in the world but that meeting showed me there is still love and a caring family.

Jill Pipe