Prayer Corner

 1 June 2021 |

I hold a prayer meeting every Monday at 9am on Zoom for anyone who wants a few moments of quiet reflection. I normally read a psalm and perhaps something wise, or not, from a religious viewpoint, and then leave lots of silence for people to say prayers, or again to remain quiet for the whole time. For some who have told me, it sets them up for the whole week. Everyone is welcome – there’s no preparation work to be done, you can just stay and be there; you don’t have to have been before and you don’t have to come every week. Why not try it?

We pray for those facing difficult times just now – the lonely, those without a home, those with difficulties paying the bills, the unemployed, the retired, the sick and the grieving. We pray for those who serve the community and those who are served. We remembers the doctors, nurses, hospital workers, bus drivers, refuse collectors, those keeping the roads safe and in good condition, the shopkeepers, supermarket staff, the staff in pubs, restaurants and shops. We remember particular people – who we know by name – and pray not that God will fix things for them but more that they know God’s love in their hearts, and find it in others reaching out in God’s name.