Being thankful for what we have

 5 June 2021 |

It is now some time since I visited Ghent in Belgium. I miss getting away very much. Over the past fifteen months, I have missed so much; we all have. I find myself moaning about the restrictions, about wearing a mask, about keeping my distance. I live on my own so the only person I have to contradict me is me; my complaints become exaggerated because I am always agreeing with myself. Is it any better now that I am able to be mix with more people, have a pint in the pub, even go to a concert? Sadly, the answer is “no” – I am still missing much of the life I had created for myself before lockdown ever became such a familiar word. I am spending too much of my life complaining about what is missing in my new ‘normal’ life.

And it is doing me no good!

Instead, I ask myself: why not try to look for all the things I am grateful for? Great nurses and doctors in my local hospital, for instance, who have cared for me with professionalism and understanding. Members of the congregation gathering in the sunshine and having tea together. The neighbour who took in a parcel for me when I was out. The cheery bus driver who welcomed me into the vehicle with a smile on his face. The comfortable home. The shops full of good and enjoyable and nourishing food. The children noisily playing games outside once more.

There is so much to be thankful for. And each day being thankful gives me joy!