Father’s Day

 19 June 2021 |

Although not a specifically Christian festival, Father’s Day, on the 20th June this year, is celebrated throughout the UK. It is a reminder of the role fathers play in our lives, and sometimes, the role that is missing from some families. Despite much of our community life being organised to suit men over woman, the male role is a complex one that has become more so with what some people call toxic masculinity. Much of the ancient world ran their world as a patriarchy, ruled by men for men. In our more enlightened time, equality is much more preferred and encouraged, leaving many men feeling not wanted or unable to find their place in the life of the community. Feelings of inadequacy and a lack of place in the structures has dented the wellbeing of a great number of men. In many churches the presence of men is hard to find; they have abandoned the church to the women believing the church to be more ‘feminine’.

Much of the Bible struggles with what it means to be a man – from the very start in Genesis, men are seen as leaders and rulers yet torn apart by mistakes and failures. In the community known as church there is a place for everyone, including men, where people can learn the art of living with others without the need to dominate. A father works with other family members to create a place where the family, parents and children, sisters and brothers, can grow and harness everything that makes them human. At best, the church might well imitate the best of family life and celebrate mothers and fathers as people who can shape and support others. Happy Fathers’ Day!