Revision to Covid-19 Control Measures

 1 August 2021 |

Since re-opening the buildings, we have done so in a manner consistent with the Church Risk Assessment and these have included both legal requirements as well as those arising from Government and United Reformed Church advice.

From 19 July 2021 the government removed all legal restrictions and requirements. This document updates the provisions of the Church Risk Assessment and each of the measures below rely on the voluntary compliance of people entering the building for church services

  1. Anyone with COVID symptoms or having to isolate as a result of a positive test result should not come to the church
  2. Sanitising gel will continue to be available
  3. The existing one-way system into and out of the church will be discontinued and the main door and side door will continue to be the entrances and exits to and from the church
  4. While wearing face coverings is no longer a legal requirement, we ask that you wear one out of consideration for others as well as reducing the risk to yourselves
  5. Hymn books can be used but must be left in the pews at the end of the service
  6. Printed service sheets and or other printed documents to be left in the pews unless being taken home
  7. The current closure of alternate pews will remain in effect. Attendees should maintain a reasonable distance from each other unless members of the same household
  8. Singing is permitted preferably while wearing a face covering
  9. Although no longer a legal requirement we still encourage the ongoing scanning of the Track & Trace QR code or obtaining and retention of attendees contact information. 
  10. Microphones, surfaces of lecterns and the main body of the church to be sprayed with sanitiser aerosol at the end of the service
  11. All surfaces including toilets to be wiped down at the end of the service
  12. Tea and Coffee can be provided at the end of a worship service but will be served in the main vestibule.