Holiday Memories

 1 September 2021 |

There have been a lot of articles in the media about holiday memories . I’ve just read Jo Brand’s memories about a caravan holiday in the Lake District and going to the beach in Hastings with her grandfather. Justin Webb talked about coach trips he enjoyed with his mother. As Jo Brand said these were happy holidays in the UK-the ‘staycation’ is an unnecessary American import.

When I was a child my brothers and I most enjoyed our holidays in West Runton near Cromer in Norfolk. If asked where we wanted to go next year that was our top choice. Dad had three weeks annual holiday and some years most of that was taken up with his time serving in the Royal Navy Voluntary Reserve (now Royal Navy Reserve). For our parents too therefore the time in Norfolk was vey special. Our holiday belongings were packed in Dad’s Navy trunk and sent on ahead. We followed by train or in later years by car. John, the oldest, sat in the middle between Brian and me and we spent the journey complaining he took up too much room. I noticed that as a recurring theme in other people’s holiday memories.

We rented a caravan on ‘Mr Bullimore’s caravan park’. It was on the cliff top and we could scramble down the cliff onto the beach. We weren’t supposed to climb on the cliffs but it was irresistible. If Mr Bullimore happened to be on site he would yell at us to get onto the path . I think we regarded that as a challenge. The highlight of the week was sports day which was organised by Mr Bullimore with sack races, egg and spoon race and all the usual events. It was great fun and helped all the children mix and make friends. With hindsight I realise what a lot of effort Mr Bullimore put in to make sure we all had a good holiday.

My mother used to like to walk across the Links to Sheringham where there was a tea shop called the Singing Kettle where we would eat a cream tea. Lovely. During the week we played crazy golf, multiple times if we had our way. Sometimes we went to the Norfolk Broads for a boat trip. My grandmother had scared me witless about the dangers of boats and I remember worrying about what might happen as I set foot on the boat. All was well and in the end I enjoyed the trip.I remember walking across the Links in the rain and the wind blowing on the beach while we made sandcastles and swam. Otherwise I have no recollection of the weather so I guess it made little impact.

Happy times . Memories of a happy childhood for which I am extremely grateful.

I’m sure you all have memories either of childhood holidays or days out. If you would like to share those memories please. Send them to me for the magazine so we can all enjoy them.