Sweetness In Bitterness

 1 September 2021 |

I watched Jonnie’s Blade School this week. This was an inspiring documentary where Jonnie Peacock, the Paralympic gold medal runner, ser up a school to help 5 young amputees to face their fears, learn skills and techniques, and begin to enjoy their sports like any able-bodied youngster. In the run up to the Paralympics in Tokyo this coming week, it was a reminder how far we have come in recognising people with disabilities as fully able to contribute to their own wellbeing and to entertain and encourage others.

I’ve never learnt to ride a bike so it was wonderful to see young Thomas beat his demons and do something he had never been able to do before – ride a bike! Each of the five were full of beans and committed to improving their lives. Thomas, after years of hospital visits when procedures overwhelmed his life, said to his mother that he would prefer to have his leg removed rather than the frustration of constant hospital visits. After the operation, which he faced stoically, and when his mother asked him how he felt, he said I feel free!

Life throws many challenges at us. Few of us are brave enough to overcome those challenges and sometimes it takes the energy and self-belief, persistence and courage of children to lead the way. When the disciples shooed away the children, Jesus tells them off and welcomes the youngsters into his arms, for as he said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

I hope you enjoy and be inspired by the competitors these coming days in Tokyo.



Please remember to keep friends and family in your prayers, and please don’t forget the disasters of Afghanistan and Haiti.