Making A Difference For Christ’s Sake

 30 October 2021 |

We pray this weekend for a positive and far reaching response to COP 26; may those attending, do their best to come up with an extensive commitment to save the planet.

The start of November celebrates All Saints’ Day in many churches in the UK. It is an opportunity for believers to remember all saints and martyrs, known and unknown, throughout Christian history. It is not common festival in the United Reformed churches of which Redhill URC is a part. It is however an opportunity to think about all the faithful people that have shaped the churches throughout the ages and we give thanks for their dedication to a Christian lifestyle.

The history of the Church is not a great example of what many people expect of followers of Jesus Christ; all too often the Church has allowed a very human face, both good and bad, to be the witness to the world and the bad has very often eclipsed the good. People have done some pretty terrible things in the name of Christ, and many of us are ashamed of our past. But we believe in saying sorry and trying to be better in and for the future. 

On All Saints’ Day, and in the many weeks following we have a chance to say ‘sorry’ and attempt to put things right. I think people have turned away and given up on the church.

But for some, there is a vision of a new world order, shaped by the words of Jesus, that wants to put right the things that have been done wrong in the past, so we might enjoy a future for all people. The URC, nationally and through its local churches, supports those speaking out for a change in the way we live, responding to Climate Change, supporting those less fortunate and working within communities, and together with all people, to make a difference.