Harvest Donations

 1 November 2021 |

The Elders agreed that this year we would donate our Harvest Service donations to the Merstham Mix Café and Yvonne, and I did so on 4 Oct. To say the staff were grateful would be an understatement and the donations will be used in the cafe itself. Any items not used will be passed to Loveworks who operate the linked foodbanks in Merstham and Reigate.

Just in case you are unaware the Merstham Hub and Cafe is run primarily by volunteers and provides an environment in which not only are hot meals provided at sensible prices they can also be delivered to people’s homes if they are unable to get out themselves. The building contains rooms that are being used for a range of activities, the local library and also acts as a meeting place for social interactions—a vital need in these challenging times especially during the various stages of lockdown.

If you haven’t been before it is well worth a visit as is the Woodhatch Centre, both excellent examples of what can and is being done within our communities.

John & Yvonne Sinclair