Mini Christmas Market

 1 November 2021 |

I hope you are all excited to be back? I know Julia and I are. By the time you read this we will be only a few weeks away!

Just a reminder that we have the boxes at the back of the church for your donations. Chocolates, toiletries, toys, unwanted gifts (nothing electrical), bottles of wine etc. If you would prefer to give a cash donation them Julia or I will purchase items on your behalf. The boxes will be removed on 14th November due to it being the Remembrance Day Service but you can still bring any donations and hand them to Julia or me. After this we will be TWO WEEKS away.

Although this is a smaller event we still hope the Christmas spirit of fun and excitement will be in full swing. We are still looking for help with the cake stall and distributing fliers etc. Please let me know if you are willing to make cakes, biscuits etc.

This year we will be giving our proceeds to Renewed Hope based in Shrewsbury Road and they will be coming along to show those attending all the things they do.

Finally CROCODILE ENCOUNTERS will be coming along with a small selection of reptiles so if you know of anyone who is a budding David Attenborough do bring them along.

Setting up will be Friday 26th afternoon/evening if you would like to help us set up and decorate that would be wonderful.

Looking forward to welcoming you all back on SATURDAY 27th NOVEMBER 10.30 til 14.00 and getting Christmas 2021 off to a roaring start.