Two Sermons With Overlapping Thoughts

 1 November 2021 |

I know a number of us often listen to the Sunday morning service on Radio 4. I was interested in the service on Sunday 24th which had Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. One spoke of a story of Jesus healing on the Sabbath. He explained that the Synagogue authorities were angry not because the paralysed man was healed but because he was told to pick up his mat and that breached the Sabbath code. He went on to say how he realised he was naturally on the side of the authorities which rather disturbed him. It made him consider how often we think a certain way without looking deeper into the ideas and traditions of others. In the case of Ethiopia he thought about the Rastafarians and how we dismiss all their views. When he opened his mind to their ideas he realised that along with things he would reject there were very valuable ideas to consider.They promoted the strength of African theology rather than accepting it as second rate to white, western theology and they also gave us the image of the black Christ.

That same day Martin talked about the many people we encounter, many difficult or strange or in some way challenging.He mentioned in particular 2 blind friends and was grateful for all they taught him and how they enriched his life. He mentioned a man who would have made the chairman/chairwoman of any committee cringe but who nevertheless could make life better. One way or another a challenging morning.

Jill Pipe