Counting the Sunday Offering

 1 December 2021 |

Since we resumed services in the church, we have not asked members to count the weekly offerings. This was in part to ensure that the risk of infection being transmitted by handling money was minimised during the height of the Covid pandemic. We have now reached a situation whereby the risks are lower and as was mentioned at the recent Church Meeting we are asking for volunteers to resume counting. Independent counting is an important way to provide assurances that the offerings are being safely and securely managed.

I have amended the counting and recording sheet so that it is no longer necessary to record a breakdown of the cash, only the totals are required.

From January 2022 we will be holding worship Services in the Upper Hall and as such we will resume counting the offering in the Linkfield Room from 9 Jan which will allow time for volunteers to be identified and a rota created. I will usually be available to offer support and or advice if required. If you wish to volunteer, please add your name to the list in the Coffee Bar area or let me know.

John Sinclair – Church Treasurer