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The Society meet in the Upper hall of the church on alternate Mondays starting at 7.45pm
The Subscription for 2024-2025 season is £25.00.  Visitors fee is £5.00

For information the previous season programmes are further down the page.

Programme 2024-2025 season


7th October – The Victorian Pharmacy – Kill or Cure

We welcome Dr Judith Hill who has taught history at the University of Surrey now a freelance lecturer and researcher. We are to hear about the development of provisions in health care when illnesses were managed rather than cured.

21st October Story Behind Crosswords

We welcome back Susan Purcell. She will start off by looking at the history of the crossword, and then, being a compiler and editor of crosswords herself,  will give you an insight into the ‘tricks of the trade’. This light-hearted and entertaining talk is suitable for all audiences, whether they do crosswords or not.

4th November – The story behind the Crystal Palace High Level Railway

We welcome back Bernard Winchester  to tell us about the how the station played an important part in bringing millions of visitors to what was for many years Great Britain’s most popular visitor attraction. Discover who built the railway and why, learn about its chequered history, and reflect upon its ultimate fate and what might have been. .

18th November – Winston Churchill

Actor and historian, Tony Harris, brings the great man to us in a blast through Churchill’s life from cradle to grave.  You will actually believe that you met him. . . .

2nd December Gatwick before Gatwick

Tonight we welcome Alan Reid, Chairman of the Horley Local History Society. We all know about Gatwick Airport….but what was there before Gatwick?  Alan Reid delves into the history of this area.

16th December – Coaches Cholera and CAMRA – historical look at pubs in Reigate

We welcome local resident, Peter Lloyd to tell us about changes in Reigate’s town centre over the last century


6th JanuaryRev Charles Dodgson:  Lewis Carol/Brooklands

Tonight we welcome Circle 8 Films, an award-winning film makers who last year celebrated their 50th anniversary.  They present 2 films, on the life of Lewis Carrol and the other about Brooklands

20th JanuarySwimming in Suburbia

Lesley North will present an entertaining compilation of poems, articles and short stories celebrating women in Suburbia. Taking a wry look at Family Life, The Housing Market, Snobberies, Food, and all things Suburban

3rd FebruaryRestoring Big Ben

Ian Westworth will tell us about one of London’s biggest clock projects, the restoration of Big Ben.  He is also responsible for the maintenance of over 2,000 clocks within the Parliamentary estate.

7th February – Victorian Leisure and Pleasure

Ian Bevan is to advise that the Victorians were the first to organise leisure time activities.  This talk will illustrate the many varied ways in which Victorians enjoyed themselves.

3rd MarchActing Can Be Murder

We welcome Linda Regan, actress and author.  The talk is about her long career on stage and in TV and film, some of the things that go wrong when filming, or on stage. The mistakes she has made. The famous people she has worked with and some secrets of behind the scenes. Also her road into crime writing and why she choose to kill people off, or how to kill people off and not feel guilty. The talk is entertaining, light-hearted, sometimes laugh out loud funny, informative and very interesting.

17th March – Watching the Detectives: A history of British TV Crime Fighters

For our final meeting we welcome Pete Allen. Murder! It’s not big and it’s not clever. But without it our little grey cells would have missed some of the most popular television programmes to ever grace the small screen. This Talk walks the beat through the quiet of St Mary Mead, the golden spires of Oxford, the cliffs of Broadchurch and the killing fields of Midsummer.

This meeting will conclude with the Annual General Meeting

Programme 2023-2024 season


2nd October – Wildlife in high mountains

We welcome back after a long break Ian Rumley Dawson.  Although an extreme environment for most of the year, a range of animals& several species of wild flowers are well adapted to survive in these rigorous conditions

16th October – The National Garden Scheme (ngs) past and present.

We welcome Clare Bevan who is the current County Organizer for Surrey ngs, who will give us a brief history of the ngs together with an account of how the organization has evolved over the last 100 years. She will then provide an update of the gardens that opened throughout the previous year and give recommendations for planning visits in 2024.

30th October – The Malta story

This evening Paul Whittle returns to tell us about Malta, a small island nation with huge historic interest.  The two long sieges We shall also take a look at Malta’s World Heritage capital city of Valetta.

13th November – Ralph Vaughan Williams – Kindertransport

Catherine McCusker, the National Trust’s Manager at Leith Hill Place, will give us a presentation about Vaughan William’s involvement with the Kinder Transport as he was one of the organisers, especially in Surrey.

27th November – Putting on the Ritz:  1920s and 30s fashions

Tonight we welcome Carol Harris, who will tell us about the fashions of the times and will be illustrated with artefacts; ration books, uniforms, clothes, etc..

11th December – A Celebration of Christmas

We welcome Andy Thomas on a return visit  when he will tell us about the background to the festivities .  It has not bee straight forward, Christmas was banned in Puritan times. It has changed over the centuries before the Victorians made it what it is today.


8th January – Restoration of a Victorian garden

Rhod Jones  makes a return visit to tell us about the kitchen gardens that were established from the 1650s but the Victorians were able to develop them to a new level for the Country House. We shall learn or the restoration of a typical such garden tonight.

22nd January – Tracks to my Grandfather’s success

We welcome back Louise Camby. This time she will to tell us about Johnny Douglas a highly acclaimed composer who wrote the music for the 1971 film The Railway Children and 41 other films including ‘Spiderman And His Amazing Friends’, ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, ‘Incredible Hulk’, ‘GI Joe’, ‘The Transformers’ , ‘My Little Pony’ & ‘Pandamonium’.

5th February – Crossing the Andes

John Lawrence returns to us, marvel at the scenery, culture and wildlife of wild Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

19th February – Turn Back Time – cooking historic food for TV

Tonight we welcome Ian Dowding a freelance chef with deep interest in the cooking of food & its history & science. Tonight he will tell us about preparing historic food for television productions,

4th March – Mothering Heights: Finding Mrs Brontë

Maria Branwell met Mr Brontë.  She married him and their real Regency love story rivals any Brontë novel. Maria gave us Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë, the most gifted literary siblings the world has ever known. Who was the missing mother of genius? Sharon Wright will share her quest for her bestselling biography, ‘Mother of the Brontës’.

18th March – A Sussex Farm during the 1950’s

We welcome Ian Everest who says to ‘make hay’ and ‘bring in the harvest’ sound like idyllic past times, but this talk shows just how tough life was on the South Downs during the 1950’s. The war was over, but the battle was still being fought to feed the nation. The talk includes  original cine film..

This meeting will conclude with the Annual General Meeting

Programme 2022-2023 season

Meetings are on alternate Mondays starting at 7.45pm


3rd October – Three women, one man – glamour, wealth and heartbreak

We welcome back Melanie Gibson-Barton, this time to give a thought provoking talk revealing how the loves of four mystery icons intertwine in their pursuit of wealth, status and power

17th October – The Columbian Exposition of 1893

We welcome Bernard Winchester who will tell us about the Chicago World Fair which drew visitors from all over the world, eager to see the “dream city” displaying the wonders of a new age of invention.  We shall tour this microcosm of our planet’s arts, industries and peoples and learn how its influence continued long after it closed.

31st October – A Sussex Farm during the 1950’s

Our speaker this evening, Ian Everest.  Ian’s paternal grandfathers were farm workers as far back as 1841 and probably for generations before.  He also worked on farms before attending Agricultural College in the late 1960’s.  To ‘make hay’ and ‘bring in the harvest’ sound like idyllic past times, but this talk shows just how tough life was on the South Downs during the 1950’s. The war was over, but the battle was still being fought to feed the nation. The talk includes original cine film.

14th November River Thames and its environs

We welcome Michael Gilbert for another visit. This time to explore the River Thames and its environs from its source at Tewksbury Mead to Oxford

28th November – An Antarctic Odyssey

We welcome Duncan Lavin, who will take us on a visit to Antarctica. He cruised from Buenos Aires to Antarctica via Tierra del Fuego and onwards to Elephant Island, the Falklands, Punta Tombo Nature Reserve (Argentina) and Montevideo.  The presentation dips into the history of Polar exploration, South American fauna, the Falklands War, wildlife in the Weddell Sea and Southern Atlantic Ocean . It is  accompanied by stunning photography.

12th December -Christmas Miscellany

We are pleased to welcome Ian Bevan and his wife to present a series of readings about Christmas and the Festive Season.


9th January Finding Sapper Clay

John Griffiths-Colby starts the new year with a story of how the chance discovery of a long-lost medal in a garden in Surrey triggered the search for an old soldier’s family. We hear of the resulting search for a living descendant would span 19th century brickmaking in Warwickshire, the Somme, Gallipoli, a disastrous gas accident, family and estrangement and would connect with a landmark in women’s literature – George Eliot’s (Mary Anne Evans’) first story collection published in 1857. Just who was Sapper Clement Cecil Clay R.E.?

23rd January The Story behind the English Dictionary

We welcome Susan Purcell to tell us about dictionaries which we take very much for granted. We talk of THE dictionary, as we talk of The Bible, as if there were only one, but there are thousands of dictionaries, and they’re all different. This is a light-hearted and entertaining talk which will introduce us to some of the great dictionary-makers of the past, and will talk about how dictionaries have changed over time.

6th February Gardens of North Korea

We welcome back Neil Miller, Head gardener at Hever Castle who has previously been to us to speak about Hever Castle and also the gardens of Jerusalem.  This time he takes us to North Korea  to take us round the gardens he visited there.

20th February Protecting the Royal Family for 30 years

Richard Griffin speaks to us tonight  after a lifetime in the Metropolitan Police that he joined in 1970.  In 1982 he transferred to the Royalty Protection at Buckingham Palace.  He then spent 13 years as a Protection Officer to the Duke of Edinburgh and then Personal Protection Officer to the Queen.

6th March London Shopping – its history and stories behind famous names

Christine Jarvis is a Blue Badge Guide who has visited the Society a number of times in the past.  Napoleon called us a “Nation of Shopkeepers”; how true he was! Great cities lived by trade and London was no exception. Hear the stories behind some of our most famous shop names from Liberty’s to Marks and Spencer.

20th MarchThe Amazing World of Magic

We welcome John Field a member of the Magic Circle .on his first visit to our Society .We are promised an evening presentation of magic to leave us entertained and baffled.

This meeting will conclude with the Annual General Meeting


 (Membership is open to all. Visitors are most welcome and pay £3.00 for each meeting)
Meetings begin at 7.45 p.m. in the Upper Hall and tea and coffee served after lectures


4th October – Three women, one man – glamour, wealth and heartbreak
We welcome back Melanie Gibson-Barton, this time to give a thought provoking talk revealing how the loves of four mystery icons intertwine in their pursuit of wealth, status and power

18th October – Horley Motor Car Company
Who would have thought that a motor car designed and built in Horley Surrey around 1904 would be considered one of the motoring pioneers long before Austin and Ford. This presentation describes the range and types of vehicle produced by HMEC before the First World War and subsequent historical stages of the building from 1900 to present day. All this will be explained to us by Bill Harmsworth on his first visit to us.

1st November – 65 years in Horticulture
Our speaker this evening, Jim Buttress needs no introduction.  He is an RHS judge, holder of the Victoria Medal of Honour for Horticulture, TV personality and author. He has worked for the Royal Parks and even at Buckingham Palace. Tonight he will speak to us on his 65 years in horticulture

15th November – COME FLY WITH ME an odd thing happened today at the airport !
International airports are fascinating places to pass through. Neil Sadler returns to tell us about what happens if you work at one……especially as a police officer at Britain’s second busiest airport, London Gatwick.

29th November – A schoolgirls War
We welcome Mary King, who will give us an illustrated and evocative record of school life in war time

13th December – Buckland through the years
We welcome Duncan Ferns, a resident of Buckland.  We shall be taken round the village from your seat   He is author of the book “Buckland 1000 – 2000”.  He hopes to have copies of this book and postcards to sell.


10th January History of OXO
Rhod Jones joins us this evening to tell the history of Oxo reveals insights into the fascinating social history of our nation, Europe and the wider world of the British Empire.

24th January Burmese Days
A frequent speaker, Paul Whittle gives us a wide-ranging tour of this beautiful former British Colony now known as Myanmar, including an Irrawaddy river steamer trip from Mandalay, historic religious sites, the heritage of the former capital Rangoon and the country’s uncertain future following the recent military coup.

7th February Gardens for Wildlife
Tonight John Lawrence , who is currently Leader of the East Surrey RSPB local group and gives a talk about his travels and birdlife. In this talk he explores how you can make your garden more wildlife friendly with useful tips and illustrations of garden wildlife you can attract. He will bring a few RSPB items for sale.

21st February “Brunel’s Kingdom”
Chris Green returns to tell us about Isambard Brunel who was voted second (to Winston Churchill) in a list of the 100 Greatest Britons in 2002.  During a comparatively short career he designed and built tunnels, bridges, railways, and ocean liners.

7th March ‘Surrey on Film: Moving images of the county in the C20th’
We welcome Matthew Piggott who will present film which is a fascinating compilation of rare moving images showing Surrey towns, villages and families in the first half of the twentieth century, celebrating in times of peace and coming together in response to the stress of two world wars.   Among the films included on the video are: Reigate Borough Carnival, 1926; The Surrey Land Club, c.1942; and Horley Cricket Club Coronation Fete, 1953.

21st MarchThe Shetland Bus
Gilly Halcrow will tell us the story of brave Norwegian Sailors in their fishing boats who kept links open between occupied Norway and Britain during WWII, taking agents in with supplies for the resistance and escaping refugees out. Not only surviving sub-Arctic storms in the North Sea but also the might of the Nazi war machine.
This meeting will conclude with the Annual General Meeting


We regret that the season has been cancelled due to the pandemic.


 (Membership is open to all. Visitors are most welcome and pay £3.00 for each meeting)
Meetings begin at 7.45 p.m. in the Upper Hall and tea and coffee served after lectures


7th October – The Life and times of Edith Cavell

We are pleased to have a return visit by Melanie Gibson-Barton.  you can be assured of an excellent presentation.

21st October – Jerusalem Botanical Gardens…and more

This is a return visit by Neil Miller (the Head Gardener at Hever Castle).  This time he will speak about the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens and other gardens in that part of the world.

4th November – The Hidden City of London

We welcome a return visit by Christine Jarvis. You will be taken on a grand tour of unusual sights of London by our speaker who is a Blue Badge and City of London Guide Lecturer

18th November – Guildford Past and present

 David Rose was a journalist with the Surrey Advertiser Group of papers for many years.  He is a local historian and collector of old photos and memorabilia. He has written numerous books with reference to Guildford and the Surrey area.

 2nd December – Light-heated and seasonal songs

The Meadvale Singers will entertain us with a range of songs, both serious and light-hearted, to get us in the mood for the Christmas season. They will include some more traditional carols with which we can join in.


6th January – Scouting:  the early years 1907-1920

This as a return visit by Michael Gilbert.  He has had an extensive involvement in the Scout Movement. He has researched the early days of Scouting from its foundation .  Scouting’s local Defensive role in the first World War is also revealed.

20th January – The adventures of a lady balloon pilot

We welcome for the first time Dani Maimone who will give a presentation which will grip you to perhaps undertake such an adventure

3rd February – The School of Stitchery & Lace (The Grange)

 Jill Caldwell will be giving us a very interesting talk on the history of “The School of Stitchery & Lace” and how we use creative arts today. Plus how our shops and mini businesses give our clients the confidence to live more independent lives.

17th February – Womens’ Land Army

 Ian Everest will be telling us about the history of the Land Girls.  The role of these women on Sussex farms contributing to the vital role of feeding the country during WWI and WWII.  His mother was one of 80,000 land girls during WWII, so he will include some of her memories as “a Cinderella of the Soil”

2nd March – 30 years in an aluminium tube

Having spent 30 years as an airline pilot, Chris Green will tell us of his flying experiences from the time he left school to learn to fly until he retired.  He has also written a book to go with the talk

16th MarchMedia & Other happenings

 Hilary Osborn, our speaker will give a presentation covering a career spanning some 40 years broadcasting on BBC, Television, Radio, ITV and British Forces Broadcasting Service in which we shall hear stories both amusing and memorable of years past- not to be missed.

30th MarchTravelling solo as a Mature Volunteer Teacher in Burma

We welcome Valerie Helstrip for the first time who will give us a presentation as a Volunteer Teacher in three countries.  This talk will be on her visits to Burma teaching Graduates and under graduates.

 This meeting will be followed by the Annual General Meeting



1st October – Steaming on

We welcome a return visit by Paul Whittle who will give a presentation on train travel from a more leisurely time on some of the UK’s 100 plus preserved railways. You can be assured this will not be just for railway buffs.

15th October – 60th Anniversary of the Surrey Hills AONB

Ken Bare, who is Vice Chairman of the Surrey Hills Society, makes a return visit to give a presentation about the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was the second AONB to be set up. We can be assured of an excellent talk and photographs of the Surrey Hills and surrounding Countryside.

29th October – Around the world in a double decker bus

We welcome Richard King on his first visit to us. He will give a talk on his adventuress travelling around the world on ab double decker bus. You will much enjoy this interesting talk which will include some amusing stories.

12th November – Traditional Textiles of Thailand

Jennifer Hughes will give us her first talk on the traditional techniques in weaving and embroidery by village artisans & hill tribe people. For clothes, costume and household goods. With lots of examples to show.

26th November – The Foundling Museum

We are delighted to have Jane King on her first visit when she will explore the history of the Foundling Hospital, the UK’s first children’s charity and first public art gallery

10th December – A Very Sweet Villa

We welcome Nigel Arch LVO who will give a presentation about Kensington Palace, discussing the architectural development of the palace and garden in the context of Royal inhabitants. Nigel has spent 40 years in museum and historic houses and is a former Director of Kensington Palace.


7th January – Confessions of a Guide Book writer

We are always pleased to welcome Kev Reynolds, a regular speaker to our meetings. Tonight he will talk about his experiences as writer of guidebooks. He is already the author of many books and those of you who perhaps inspire to be writers may find his lecture of value.

21st January – Wildlife Hospital – Leatherhead

Dr Mike Berwick from the Wildlife Aid Foundation will give us a talk on their work on all areas of wildlife care and rehabilitation. As well as being informative and educational, our speakers draw on their own personal experiences to make the presentations anecdotal and fun, with a fabulous PowerPoint presentation to make the talks visually stimulating.

4th February – The Titanic, the ship and the wreck

We are delighted to welcome Rob Goldsmith who in 2005 was lucky enough to become one of the few people to dive down to the wreck of the Titanic and see it first-hand.  He will give us a presentation on his experience showing video footage and photos. He will also give a bit of background history on the ship and it’s sinking.

18th February – Fanny Burney, Surrey and the French

We welcome Sir Brian Urwin who will give a presentation about Fanny Burmey visiting her favourite sister, Susanna, at Mickleham near Dorking profoundly affected the life of the famous 18th century novelist, Fanny Burney. It was there in 1793, at Juniper Hall, that she met a distinguished group of exiled French aristocrats, married one of them, and spent a decade of her future life in post-revolutionary Paris.”

4th March – The Story of the National Garden Scheme

We welcome Margaret Arnott to give a presentation on the origins of the scheme and to advise us of the various procedures involved in opening your garden to public display. This is followed by a selection of N.G.S. gardens open in Surrey, with all proceeds going to charity.

18th March – Magic fit for a king

Tonight we will enjoy an evening of light entertainment with John Derris who will tell us about what goes on behind the doors of the Magic Circle. A relaxing evening for us to end the season.

This meeting will be followed by the Annual General Meeting




For our opening presentation of the new season we will welcome a return visit by Tom Hart-Dyke who will give us an update on “The World Garden” at Lullingstone Castle, which is visited by hundreds of people from 1st April each year.


We welcome David Henderson on his first visit to the Society who will give a presentation on his life in the sky, which will be most interesting and amusing.


We shall welcome back Paul Whittle to our Society who has a wealth of knowledge of his travels. Tonight he will give us an insight non Petra, the Dead Sea, Roman cities and a rare desert train ride on the Turkish-built Hejaz Railway wrecked by “Lawrence of Arabia in WWI.

13th November – VISIONS OF GLORY

We shall welcome a good friend of the Society in Kev Reynolds, who makes regular visits to Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. His magnificent presentation will give you a glimpse of this enchanting land, a compilation of dramatic landscapes and smiling faces.


We are pleased to have Graeme Lewington from the Trust whose aim is to restore the 23 mile canal built some 200 years ago between the Rivers Wey and Arun as the final link in 3,000 miles of inland waterways and the route from London to the Channel.

11th December – ROYAL CHRISTMAS

Siobhan Clarke will be making a further visit to us and will give us a presentation which explores Christmas at Court from the middle ages to the present day and how the Royal Family have influenced our own celebrations. What could be better to round off the first part of the season!



Unfortunately Neil Miller, the Head Gardener was unable to join us in the last season. However we welcome him on this occasion to give a presentation on the 700 years of history at the 13th Century castle set in 125 acres of natural and formal gardens. You will enjoy the amazing topiary, Tudor herb garden, pergolas of roses, climbing shrubs and perennial planting in the Italian Garden.

22nd January – A TONIC TO THE NATION

We welcome a return visit of Michael Gilbert who will give us a presentation which will bring back memories for you of London in 1951 and the Festival of Britain. You can be assured of a very interesting talk.


We look forward to a presentation by Ros Black. Little did Grace Kimmins know that her charity would grow into what is now a nationally recognised disability charity.


Andy Thomas makes a return visit to give a presentation in which he investigates some of the famous unexplained mysteries of recent history and asks why the mainstream ignores items in the face of sometimes impressive evidence. A thought provoking illustrated talk.


Melanie Gibson-Barton will give an illustrated talk. For those who know Bruges well, it will nevertheless be inspired by this presentation to learn more about this town and its history.


We look forward to a return visit by Peter Thompson who will give an interesting talk on his life as a solicitor and QC.

This meeting will be followed by the Annual General Meeting




This evening we welcome a return visit by Siobhan Clarke who is a Historian and is based at Hampton Court Palace. She trained as a customer Interpreter before becoming an HRP Guide and Lecturer. This is a story of two palaces, a Tudor palace and venue for pleasure. You can be assured of an excellent lecture delivered with digital images.


We welcome Robert Fromow for the first time to give an illustrated talk on the Abbey, its multi-faceted history, astonishing beauty and less known peculiarities and eccentricities. Our speaker is a London Blue Badge Guide with over twenty years association and with the Abbey both as a guide and volunteer.


We are delighted to have Kev Reynolds this evening – a regular visitor to our Society – and we can be assured of viewing beautiful pictures and a talk covering Kent, Surrey, Sussex and other counties.


Neil Hunt will give an informative and friendly talk about the Toastmasters profession, plus a few humorous anecdotes appertaining to large banquets. He is a Fellow and Past President of the National Association of Toastmasters. We look forward to Neil Hunt’s first visit with much pleasure.


We look forward to an interesting digital presentation by Brian Pettit who will show stunning pictures of every resident form of life that can resist the rigours of being near Port Stanley and the edge of the Antarctic.


Neil Miller, the Head Gardener, will give us a presentation of Hever Castle and Gardens. Discover 700 years of history at the 13th century castle, once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and set in 125 acres of natural and formal gardens. You will enjoy the amazing topiary, Tudor herb garden, pergolas of roses, climbing shrubs and perennial planting in the Italian Garden.



We welcome Neil Sadler to our meeting to give a light-hearted look at joys and mishaps whilst exploring England’s canals. You can be assured of an interesting and amusing talk.


We are pleased to have Paul Whittle with us who has given such detailed presentations in the past. Tonight he will give a presentation on the Florence Nightingale Story.


We will welcome Andy Thomas who is renowned for his thought provoking and entertaining lectures across Britain and the wide world.

From the rebellions of Boudicca against Roman invaders to the Peasants Revolt and the modern Poll tax riots, from the truly revolutionary ideas put forward in Cromwellian times to influential movers and shakers such as Thomas Paine, the Suffragettes and George Orwell. An excellent presentation not to be missed.


Andrew Robertshaw is an independent Military Historian, writer, broadcaster and Director of Battlefield Partnerships Ltd. He has worked as Curator and Manager of Royal Logistics Corps Museum in Deepcut, having previously been Head of Education of the National Army Museum in London. For the film Warhorse, director Steven Spielberg chose his military historian adviser Andrew Roberstshaw. He explains how he made trench warfare authentic in this children’s story of a horse which worked for both sides.


We welcome Trevor Sapey who will give a presentation on the history, sinking, raising and conservation of the Mary Rose and we have the opportunity of seeing some real and many replica artefacts to discuss life on board. The talk will appeal to all age groups due to the social history of the story.


For our final lecture of the season, we welcome Roy Buchanan who has made a study of the subject, having been in the police service for over 30 years to retirement.

Following this talk we shall have the Annual General Meeting