Helping to keep everyone safe

Please take note of the new protocols below and think carefully about whether you are ready to return.

The following preventative measures are being introduced to ensure the safety of everyone who comes to worship in the church. And always remember that if you feel unwell or are unsure about coming out of your home please do not do so.

Please wear a mask at all times. Government guidelines tell us that everyone coming into the church must wear a face mask and continue to do so until they leave the building. Ideally people will bring their own masks although a small supply of disposable masks will be available.

Please ensure you maintain the appropriate social distancing and make sure all physical contact is avoided, other than supporting someone unable to support themselves. In such a situation, gloves in addition to a face mask will need to be worn.

We are limited to 30 people in total at worship. In the unlikely event this number is exceeded, we will need to turn people away and we ask your understanding for this difficult decision.

The only entrance that will be open are the main doors. The two side entrances will remain closed and are not available to be used to enter or leave the building.

There will be Elder(s) on duty in the vestibule to manage the process and answer any questions.

When coming into the building please use the hand sanitiser; paper towels will be available in the vestibule.

The elders will need to record names and contact details of everyone entering the building; these will be retained securely for 21 days before being destroyed.

The small kitchen and toilet can be used to wash hands; they will be fitted with liquid soap and paper towels, as well as a foot operated pedal bin.

Please flush the toilet, with the lid down.

After using the toilet, you must use the sanitised wipes, provided, to clean all surfaces you have had contact with, including door handles; please place the wipes in the bin provided, not down the toilet.

We will have a one-way system marked on the floor so that the only entrance into the sanctuary will be via the left-hand glass doors. The one-way system will continue to the front of the pews and back to exit into the vestibule using the right-hand glass doors. On leaving the church the exit will be via the main door.

There will be limits to where you can sit with some pew rows closed and others with appropriate signage. The only exception to this will be for people in the same family bubble/household.

All current cushions etc. will be removed from the pews and safely stored. If you need to use a cushion, please bring one with you and take it home after the service.

Service sheets will be provided and destroyed after the service.

The worship leader will use either the lectern or radio microphone; these cannot be shared with anyone else.

The Bible will be placed on the Communion table but not read from.

Cash or Promised Giving envelope offerings should be placed in the box in the vestibule at the end of the service. The Treasurer will remove the contents of the offering box and it will be counted away from the church.

At the end of the service we are not allowed to serve refreshments; people must leave the church by the designated route as soon as possible. Congregating in the aisles, vestibule or just outside of the doors is not permitted.

Worship for the foreseeable future will be very different from what we have been used to and, with the ever-changing guidelines, may well be modified from time to time. These measures are in place to enable us to worship and to keep as safe as we can be. I ask for your understanding and sensitive compliance.

Thank you.